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Recognition and Appreciation Certificate & Award Templates

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The most powerful and direct way to recognize your volunteers, staff, and board members is with the Gratitude Award®. Present it any time during any given month. These awards are well-established and carry a great deal of prestige. Nonprofit organizations depend on volunteers, so recognizing their efforts should be an important undertaking. Recognition should not be reserved for the usual banquets in your organization. Every meeting should end with some time to acknowledge the people who contributed towards making the day happen, and also who accomplished tasks between your staff meetings.

Volunteer Recognition, Volunteer Appreciation, Board Member Appreciation, Staff Appreciation and Staff Recognition

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Client Appreciation / Customer Appreciation

After each sale, Jennifer presented the new home owners with a framed Gratitude Award®. The new homeowners were so touched that the award became a central piece of their living room wall décor. Every visitor they received into their home checked out the Gratitude Award® on the wall, and was so impressed that they wrote down the name of the real estate agent on the Award. From this noticeable gesture of gratitude, referrals poured in.

Honor Your Dearest ones- Mom, Dad, Friends, Boss, Spouse, Teachers, Mentors, Etc

Giving the Gratitude Award to those dearest to you makes a bigger impression than material gifts. When you give the Gratitude Award®, you are saying, “…they saw me, appreciated me, cared about me, lifted me up, impacted my life, made a difference in my present, shaped my future for the best – and perhaps even loved me. Rather than take these precious gifts for granted, the Gratitude Award® signals an appreciation for their generously extending attention beyond themselves and into our world.”


Gratitude Award® is an organization that provides goods and services with the aim of fostering human dignity in personal relationships and in the workplace.


The vision of Gratitude Award® is for the world to share in our belief that there is a common thread of humanity that connects us all, the basic human power to both sympathize and empathize, and the powerful ability to forgive.


The mission of Gratitude Award® is to promote, reinforce, and celebrate the practice of human dignity in personal relationships and in the production and delivery of goods and services for human and organizational consumption.