Gratitude Award®

Recognition and Appreciation Certificate & Award Templates

$10,000 Per Gratitude Award Issuance

Code Redemption

Honor Your Dearest ones- Mom, Dad, Friends, Boss, Spouse, Teachers, Mentors, Etc

Giving the Gratitude Award® to those dearest to you makes a bigger impression than material gifts. When you give the Gratitude Award®, you are saying, “…they saw me, appreciated me, cared about me, lifted me up, impacted my life, made a difference in my present, shaped my future for the best – and perhaps even loved me. Rather than take these precious gifts for granted, the Gratitude Award® signals an appreciation for their generously extending attention beyond themselves and into our world.”

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Employee Appreciation / Employee Recognition

Employees may receive awards and certificates that are cheap and easy— something that managers print from the internet for free or buy in bulk at an office supply store. While it is clearly the value of the employee that counts, if the employee feels as though the object signifying honor and recognition is chintzy and commonplace, then the recognition losses its value, despite the organization’s best intentions. By contrast, if recognition is presented to an employee in the form of an individualized living document such as the Gratitude Award®, then the employee will know that the employer is extending attention beyond the ordinary in order to recognize his or her contribution to your organization.

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